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I Attend the Opening of LEGO Store London in Leicester Square, the Largest LEGO Store in the World!

After much anticipation, and some screaming every time I passed it, the World’s largest LEGO store has finally opened in Leicester Square! Naturally I was there to witness this momentous occasion.


The location of the store is perfect, and easily accessible from either Leicester Square or Piccadilly tube station, and its large windows tempt you inside with the promise of LEGO heaven.  It does not disappoint!


The shop is filled with beautiful LEGO models, including a life size Tube Carriage, made from 637,903 LEGO bricks.


I was allowed to pose for a photo on the carriage, and imagine my surprise when I found myself sat next to my hero, William Shakespeare!



You can pose for a selfie with Lester, the famous mascot of the store.


Or you can take a picture in the life size red Telephone box.


The Model of Elizabeth Tower, the famous home of Big Ben, measures a spectacular 6.5 Metres tall, and is an incredibly impressive sight.


This is the very first LEGO Mosaic Maker machine, which will take an image of you, then supply the bricks and instructions needed to produce a LEGO image of yourself!


There are many areas of the stores where you can play.




For those who prefer to build large scale models of their own design there is an impressively large Pick – A – Brick section.


Thankfully a map is provided so that you can ensure you don’t miss anything on your visit.


And I received a LEGO passport which was stamped as I travelled around the various exhibits in the store. This is truly a wonderful idea, and really makes this store something incredibly special.


And, of course, no LEGO Store would be complete without the future ruler of this realm, ME!


And as left the wonderful store, I knew it would not be long until I was drawn back to its magical doors. I shall return!

Lego Loki

Lego Loki is an actor, film maker, and the author of Brick High-Rise. Follow him on twitter: @Loki_Lego

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