Location Visit: The Millennium Bridge, London. As Featured in Guardians of The Galaxy

For a film that was set in an entirely different part of the universe, it seems odd to be able to visit a Guardians of the Galaxy filming location in London, but Guardians did in fact film on the Millennium Bridge in London one Sunday afternoon in 2013!

Lego Loki Marvel Filming location visit Guardians of the galaxy

I met Rocket on one memorable visit to the bridge

Here you can see how the Millennium Bridge was digitally inserted into the landscape of Zandar.

The Millennium Bridge is quite close to St Paul’s Cathedral, so I highly suggest getting the tube to St Paul’s underground station, and tying it in with a visit to the Cathedral, which also featured in Thor: The Dark World.

After you cross the bridge I recommend taking the tour of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, which is quite wonderful.

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