Any photography tips for me?

Twitter photos display best when they are at a ratio of 2:1 i.e Your photo should be twice as wide as it is high (eg 2000 pixels wide, and 1000 pixels high), to make is display perfectly on twitter with no edges cut off.

I understand that cameras rarely allow you to constrain the aspect ration of the images taken, so the following tips will maximise the display of your photo when it is tweeted:

1)  If possible, please take your photos horizontally (and by that I do not mean laying down)

Where can I find a genuine Lego Loki?

My clones are available in the following official Avengers LEGO sets:

  • 6867 – Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape
  • 6868 – Hulk’s Hellicarrier Breakout
  • 6869 – Quinjet Aeriel Battle
  • 10721 – Iron Man vs. Loki

Sadly these sets are now discontinued and are becoming very hard to find.

You may also find my key ring version at lego shops near you.

Clones are available at the Bay of E and in the Amazon, which I believe is a jungle. However, I advise GREAT caution when purchasing a Lego Loki on the secondary market, as many fakes are also available.

For guidance on how to spot a genuine LEGO Loki please refer to this article.

Will you ask Tom to follow me or pass my message on to him?

1) I have no personal contact with Thomas.

2) I do not DM Thomas. Do not ask me to DM him your project or your questions, as my polite refusal may offend. My impolite refusal may offend more.

Can I post your photos on Tumblr?

 Please do not repost images from my twitter to Tumblr or Tumblr, especially without credit. I have my own Tumblr account and they will be posted there as soon as I have access.
I thank all mortals for their fealty. I look forward to ruling over you as your new king.


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