Tickets for BRICK 2015 are Now on Sale!


Did you attend Brick 2014 at the Excel, London? If you not you missed a wonderful event that was fun for all ages, but fear not! Tickets are now on sale for Brick 2015!

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Why should you attend Brick 2015? Well, I suggest looking at their excellent website to see the myriad of delights that will be on offer this year, and if you still need convincing, then carry on reading to find out all about my magical adventures at last years event!


It was a delightful November day as I waited at the DLR station, with a vast array of Mortals, both old and young. The sun was shining as we stood on the platform waiting for our carriage which would shuttle us towards adventure!

Upon arriving at the Excel I was impressed by the venue. It was easily accessible from the DLR, with a stop right outside the centre, and I held my breath with excitement as I made my way inside.


The Excel is a huge, cavernous venue, and every inch of it was filled with things to see and do.



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A Magical Place: Brick 2014 LEGO Show.

Can you imagine a huge exhibition space filled with a most beautiful LEGO creations you have ever seen? Can you imagine a place where the LEGO bricks flow as freely as the Mead in the taverns of Asgard?

What is this place? I hear your tiny mortal voices ask. Is it Valhalla? Is it Fólkvangr? Is it the Midgardian heaven? Tahiti?

No, this magical place is the Brick 2014 LEGO Show and all, even those who did not die heroically in battle, are invited.

Brick 2014: A Magical Place

Held in the glorious halls of the London ExCel convention centre, this magnificent show will run from Thursday the 27th of November to Sunday the 30th of November, and will be fun for all ages, from younglings to… well, Odin.

What can you expect to see at Brick 2014? Here are a few highlights:


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