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Preview: Brick 2015 LEGO Show. London 11th – 13th of December


Are you attending Brick 2015? If so, then let me congratulate you on being an individual of taste. If not, then read on, and let me tell you why you should attend!

I paid Brick a visit myself in 2014, so I know from personal experience just what a magnificent day out it is for both young and old alike.

Here is a run down of what you can expect at this years event…

LEGO Games Zone

The attraction that holds for me the greatest excitement must surely be the games zone where you will be able to play LEGO Marvel Avengers a full six weeks before its release date!


It is also likely that Arthur Parsons of TT Games will once again attend to give a presentation about the game and demonstrate some of its features. His presentation last year about LEGO Batman was excellent, so expect lots of fun, exciting news and possibly even new character reveals at this one!


In the games zone you will also be able to play LEGO Dimensions, which will be an excellent way to test out those expansion packs, and decide which ones to buy next.bricklegodimensionsstand

The Brick pits!


No day at Brick would be complete without building something, and luckily the convention comes with giant pits full of LEGO where you can build anything your heart desires. Estimates suggest that there will be 3 million LEGO bricks available to play with, so start planning your giant sized model now!


Toys R Us will be once more bringing a huge range of LEGO to Brick, and there will be rare and limited edition pieces available to buy. Last year I was lucky enough to purchase an extremely rare polybag LEGO Rocket Raccoon, an item I have never seen on sale anywhere else since!


As well as the official shop, there will also be dozens of smaller companies selling everything the LEGO collector could ever need. You will be able to buy LEGO art, display cases for your figures and models, LEGO accessories and custom designed pieces!

Many of the items I use in my photos were purchased from vendors at Brick 2014, so I cannot recommend attendance highly enough if you are a collector. If there is a particular piece you are looking for, the chances are that you will find it at Brick.

Brick Flicks

One of the displays I am most looking forward to seeing this year at Brick is Brick Flicks by Brick show founder Warren Elsmore, who was also responsible for the magnificent Brick City, which I adored at Brick 2014.jurassic1

Brick Flicks features LEGO recreations of 60 scenes from famous films such as Jurassic Park, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and many more!

I for one cannot wait to see this magnificent display!

The Fan Zone

If you are a fan of LEGO and enjoy building your own models, the most inspirational section of Brick 2015 will no doubt be the Fan Zone.


Top LEGO builders from across the globe will unite under one roof to display their incredible models. Last year I had several very interesting conversations with these builders and gained new knowledge and insight into the craft. I left the show feeling energised an inspired to go on and create my own magnificent designs. Without attendance at Brick, I may never have finished my project Brick High-Rise.

Whether you are a casual fan or a hardcore collector of LEGO you will be awed by what you see in the fan zone, and Brick is the only place you will see so many magnificent models in one room.

Christmas at Brick!

Last year’s Brick was in November, but this year we celebrate in December, and what could be more festive than a whole host of Christmas themed LEGO models and displays, plus a white brick pit where you can build your own snowman! Don’t forget your bank card, as LEGO Christmas decorations and presents will abound!


Set a world record!

Want to go down in the history books? At Brick there will be the opportunity to help set a LEGO based world record! Last year the challenge was to build the biggest LEGO videogame diorama using pieces from LEGO Minecraft sets, and attempt which was successful, but this year individual challenges will be available, and you could be the one going home with a world record!


This is just a small taster of what will be happening at Brick 2015. You may worry that that there may not be enough to keep you busy for a whole day, but at last years show I was there from the moment the doors opened and I was one of the last to leave, and I still did not see everything!

The Excel has excellent facilities, including a bar and cafe, where you can buy everything from light snacks to hot meals. There is a delightful walk way along the riverbank outside, if you feel you need a break from all the fun, and the transport links from central London are excellent

I truly could not suggest a more magical day out for any LEGO fan, both old an young alike. Brick offers everything a family might need, all under one roof!

Tickets for the Brick 2015 LEGO show are available here, and I suggest buying them soon!

New attractions are being added to the Brick homepage all the time, so please check their website often, or follow them on twitter


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Lego Loki

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