Location Visit: Avengers Headquarters at the University of East Anglia

What is this? A building I recognise…

Oh no! It is the Avengers Headquarters!

“But if you put the hammer in an elevator.”
“It would still go up.”
“Elevator’s not worthy.”

“You think you can find out what’s coming?”
“I do. Besides this one, there’s nothing that can’t be explained.”

At last Stark is leaving, and I can sneak into the Avengers headquarters!

The filming location of the Avengers Facility is in fact The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts at the University of East Anglia.

This incredibly beautiful building was built in 1975 and houses a beautiful art collection, which is free to visit, apart from selected exhibitions.

Fairly certain this is Coulson’s head though….

The UEA also appears briefly again at the end of  Avengers: Age of Ultron, but I believe in a largely CGI form, as the interior of the building is very different.

The Avengers Facility also appears in Ant-Man, but I believe it is now completely CGI, as is only seen briefly in the background, and as part of an establishing shot.

The Avengers Facility also features briefly in Captain America: Civil War, and it appears an entire building has changed location.

I highly recommend a visit to the University of East Anglia Sainsbury Centre, as it is one of the most iconic Avengers buildings that exists in a recognisable form.


Reaching the University of East Anglia by public transport is a lengthy, but easy journey from London. Megabus operates a coach that will take you directly to the campus, and if booked several weeks in advance it is very cheap, but the journey does take approximately three hours.

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  1. Dear Lego Loki,
    My team and I built this part of the university in 1991.
    The flight deck with the sloping glass facade. Theis part comes all from Germany.
    This was a great adventure for us.

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