How You Can Help Get NTLive Coriolanus Into Your Local Cinema


Mortals, are you in the United States of Captain America? Have you searched with all your heart for a cinema that will be showing the NTLive broadcast of Coriolanus and discovered that the closest venue is a bifrost journey away?

Well, weep no more for @HollowCrownFans have posted the following information:

Heads up America! If you’re having trouble finding the NTLive Coriolanus showing in your local theater, Fathom Events is one of the key distributors in North America. They are asking on their Facebook page what we’d like to see in 2014. Comment that you’d like to see more NT Live, especially Coriolanus. MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!

Here is the link to the thread where you can comment and ask for NT Live Coriolanus:


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