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Tom Hiddleston to Appear in New Jaguar Campaign

Mortals, I am proud to announce that the clone Tom Hiddleston will be appearing with Ben Kingsley and Mark Strong in a new advertising campaign for Jaguar USA, the New York TImes announced today.

The first advertisement will appear during the second half of a sporting tournament known as the Super Bowl, which is presumably some kind of Jousting event. I advise you not to partake to heavily in the half time feasting and drinking, as you may wish to be sober enough to enjoy it. I assume Thor will be face down in a puddle of of his own drool before it airs, as usual.

The campaign itself will be based upon the slogan, “Good to be bad.”  I can vouch for the veracity of this statement.


As you can see I shall be appearing in my own ad campaign for Jaguar, with my good friend The Mandarin and that chap from Kick Ass.

News source: The New York Times

Original Picture Source: Torrilla


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