Create Your Own Custom LEGO Valkyrie Thor: Ragnarok Set

Custome LEGO Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok


Horse – LEGO Horse with Movable Back Legs – White. Most commonly found in the LEGO The Lone Ranger 79106: Cavalry Builder Set

Wings – LEGO part number 20312 – Wing 4 x 7 with Feathers and Handles for Clips – Available at Firestar Toys – Left wing & Right wing

Wing Attachment – LEGO part number 6019 – 2 x White modified tile 1 x 1 with Horizontal Clip

Hair – 23187 – Hair Female Mid-Length Wavy Dark Brown. Found in LEGO Set 76076 Captain America Jet Pursuit

Head – Custom Mini Figure Heads – Stern Female – Medium Dark Flesh – Available from Firestar Toys

Body – Plain white torso, arms and legs with Medium Flesh hands.

Cape – Custom Design Cape in Cornflower Blue from Firestar Toys

Decals and Customisation

The most and affordable and professional looking method for creating custom Lego is the use of waterslide decal paper. It may seem like a complicated procedure, but with practise it is actually quite simple. Decal paper can be purchased at many online craft stores.

I learned how to create decals from this excellent video tutorial:

LEGO Valkyrie decal

Print at 1.5cm wide on white decal paper.


As the LEGO wings are not available in white, I sprayed them with matt white paint, used acrylic paint to add details, and sealed with acrylic gloss varnish.

Bonus Bruce Banner Decal

Print at 1.5cm wide on white decal paper.

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