Review: Old LEGO Avengers vs New LEGO Avengers

old-vs-new-lego-avengersBack in 2012, to coincide with the release of the first Avengers movie, several sets of tie-in LEGO were released, three of which featured the single greatest LEGO minifigure in all of creation: me.

To coincide with the release of the sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, LEGO have released several more sets, and many of the previously featured characters have been redesigned. Let us investigate!


Here we see old LEGO Thor and new LEGO Thor side by side.

old-vs-new-lego-thorAside from a few minor clothing changes, to reflect the updated costume of the film, Thor remains largely the same, apart from one major change…

chris-hemsworth-joins-twitter-1 Look at that face. Grinning away like an idiot who is about to smash all your drinking vessels, and then charge into Jotunheim to kill an entire race, just to satisfy his own insane blood lust. Honestly, who would do such a thing? Such a person is not fit to sit upon the throne of Asgard, so it is with cheer in my heart that I remember that ’twas I, Lego Loki, who stopped Thor from gaining throne! Some Asgardians and some Jotuns died, but that was of little consequence. Death to all Jotuns!

Wait, where was I?

Oh yes, I was discussing the base ugliness of Thor….new-thor-angry-face Once again Thor has a double sided head, and this is his angry face. I am quite used to seeing this face as he often uses it when he tries to thwart my plans when I am innocently minding my own business, and then Thor just appears for no reason and tells me I can’t kill an entire race, or that it is somehow bad to lead an army against Midgard.

And people wonder why I hate him.

There is, however, one major issue with new Thor: his cape.

It is made of a strange flimsy material, which appears to be the future of LEGO capes, as LEGO Vision’s cape is also made from the same fabric. I, for one, am unimpressed with this new design, as it has a tendency to ride up around the neck, and I doubt they will be as durable as the old design stiff capes.

old-vs-new-lego-capesOh no… Thor is upset that I have insulted his cape. Cheer up, brother. At least you no longer look like this…

old-lego-thorThe winner: I declare NEITHER Thor victorious, because Thor always wins in battle, then drags me to the tavern and tells long winded, drunken stories all night. I have no wish to join you, brother! Send the mead to my chambers and I shall drink it alone.


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