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My Evening at the 2015 BAFTA Awards

When I arrived I signed autographs for fans and then made my way down towards my first interview, with Zoe Ball, which appeared on the live feed.baftainterview


[Image source: Torrilla]tumblr_njgwtn7gw61qeuzrdo4_[Image source: Torrilla]

I then posed for press photos, and rushed into the building, as it was almost time for the awards to start!


Once the awards started, and everyone was distracted by the wonderful Stephen Fry, I left a clone in my seat and made my way through the building. I searched high and low for an award to steal, but all were too large for me to carry.

I made my way back to my seat and dismissed the clone, and then I was asked to take the stage to present an award with Mark Strong. I did consider stealing this award, but I fear my life would have been in danger had I tried.Screenshot-2015-02-08-21.47I went back to my seat, where Wilder consoled me.


“Next year,” he said. “We’ll both be up there next year.”Screenshot-2015-02-08-22.27


I do believe he may be correct.


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