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Review: LEGO Marvel Avengers 76152 Wrath of Loki Set LEGO Loki

There has been three previous LEGO Loki minifigures, and in 2020 the LEGO Group released the magnificent Wrath of Loki set featuring a new LEGO Loki figure! Here is my review of him.

Here is our first close up look at the new LEGO Loki, and there are many changes, but thankfully he retains the stunningly handsome face from the first LEGO Loki.

His base colour is now dark green, a change from the previous grey of the first Loki, or the blue of the Thor Ragnarok set Loki.

Sadly the new cape is a disappointment. I have not been a fan of the new style capes ever since they first appeared, and while this one is better than Thor’s red cape from the Age of Ultron sets, it still has some of the same faults, and appears bunched around the neck.

And now we move to the torso… Look at the beautiful detail on this torso. It is simply stunning! It is based upon the Loki armour from the first Thor film, and it is incredibly detailed

Here you can see the bunching around the neck with new cape.

And look at this! A back print! The first LEGO Loki was the only first wave Avengers minifigures that didn’t feature a back print, so it is delightful that I have finally been afforded one.

Welcome to the flock, my new friend!

He is stunningly handsome!

I held a twitter poll to determine the most popular LEGO Loki minifigure and here are the results!

The new Wrath of Loki minifigure was voted the favourite Loki! A well deserved victory as he is one of the most beautiful LEGO Minifigures I have ever seen!

You can buy the LEGO Marvel Avengers 76152 Wrath of Loki Set here on the LEGO website

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