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Lego Loki Reviews: Thor

This film tells the tragic tale of an attractive, cunning man who sets out to save a kingdom from the reign of his idiotic brother, but is undermined by the lies and betrayal of others.

The cast of this film is utterly perfect. Tom Hiddleston is impeccable as the handsome and intelligent god Loki, while Chris Hemsworth perfectly captures the idiocy and gluttony of the ill mannered, dunderheaded god, Thor.

Anthony Hopkins is faultless in the role of the evil, lying, baby stealing MAD MAN that is Odin Allfather; Rene Russo is wonderful as the gentle, caring, but equally deceitful Frigga, and Natalie Portman delivers a wonderful performance as the mortal, Jane Foster. I hope in the sequel Loki gets to ‘pay her a visit’ because SHE DESERVES EVERYTHING SHE GETS!

The actors who play Thor’s friends are equally well cast; especially Jaimie Alexander who is wonderful as Sif and easily portrays her nasty, TREASONOUS ways. Josh Dallas also deserves a special mention for his wonderful portrayal of the sleazy, slimy Fandral.

To sum up: A wonderful and faithful version of the Marvel comic books, with great special effects. You will laugh at the PATHETIC villain, Thor, as he makes mistake after mistake among the mortals, you will boo and hiss at his poisonous minions the warriors three, and you will you will weep for our tragic hero Loki.

I award this film 5 stars.

Lego Loki

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