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Lego Loki Reviews: Avengers Station, Las Vegas

I had long heard tell that Avengers Station is a magnificent place, filled with glorious items that any Marvel fan would love to see, and never did I dream that I would get to visit it… but in March 2017 I did!

When you enter the Avengers Station you are sent down to the exhibit in groups, where you assemble in a white room to watch a video briefing by Maria Hill.

I was anxious while I waited… What would the exhibition be like? Would it be worth the long trip I had made over the Bifrost to visit it? Finally the doors into the exhibition opened, the main theme from Captain America played, and directly in front of me was Captain America’s costume from The Avengers!

I am not ashamed to admit that I was overcome with tears of emotion, as I felt as though I was in that moment when the Captain visited an exhibition about himself at Smithsonian in Captain America: Winter Soldier!

When we were sent down in groups to the exhibit I did wonder if your time was limited, but I am happy to report that you can spend as much time as you like viewing the items in each room. All the people who I had entered the exhibit with moved on eventually, while I savoured every second and read every single screen,  listening to the glorious music.

The Avengers Station is split into several rooms and the second room on the tour is THE HULK ROOM!

This room is a terrifying place for those who have encountered the Hulk, those who have been bullied by him, and those who have possibly been used to create the hole for a small water feature in the floor of the Avengers tower…

Regardless of the mishandling I may have suffered at his green fists I enjoyed this room, especially the wonderful interactive video installations.

The next section of the exhibition is related to Avengers: Age of Ultron, where you can see the very pod that birthed the thief Vision, who stole the stone from my beautiful sceptre that I somehow mislaid somewhere upon Midgard…

(Thanos, if you are reading this, I Swear left it there on purpose so that Stark would find it and create Ultron, who would tear The Avengers apart… It isn’t my fault Ultron failed. Please believe me!)

Further along in this section of the exhibition there are several wonderful Avengers costumes, including the very dead Agent Coulson (who is still dead because I never fail in any of my plans, and will not listen to any opinions to the contrary. HE IS DEAD!), Maria Hill, and Nick Fury.

And also the wonderful costumes of the Black Widow, and my former servant Agent Barton. He apparently has a lot of experience of taking care of small people, as he supplied me with wonderfully tiny glass pots of food that contained pureed carrots. I don’t know why he has this experience, but I miss him.

And finally, after passing through rooms that held the failed army of the Chitauri and the Dark Elves, I was in the ASGARD EXHIBITION!

This room above all others was my favourite, even though it did not feature enough of me! It was filled with glorious items, including a hammer that I didn’t even bother trying to lift because I am obviously worthy, and it is a stupid test anyway…

Definitely did NOT try to lift the hammer. No.

The final room in Avengers Station is possibly the most spectacular: The Iron Man hall of armour!

This room is without doubt the most magnificent of the whole exhibition. It features examples of Stark’s many armours, and is beautiful to behold.

The final, and most amazing part of the tour, is the incredible Hulkbuster armour.

If you are a casual fan of Marvel films then you will undoubtedly enjoy this exhibition, especially when combined with the app, or when using the hand held set that you can rent at the front desk, which is filled with quizzes and fun facts that you may not know.

If you are a devoted fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which I am, then I suspect you will react as I did. I was overwhelmed with emotion from the moment I walked in until the moment I left. I was in the exhibition for well over three hours, and spent my time simply soaking in the atmosphere through the wonderful music, and enjoying the magnificent displays at my own pace.

My final thoughts are this: if you love Marvel films, then you will love the Avengers Station. It is almost as if someone built this place to cater to everything that I love in this world. Attend, and you will not regret it!

Oh, and also take lots of money, as Avengers Station has the LARGEST Marvel retail store in the world, and you will want to buy EVERYTHING!

For more information about Avengers Station, and to book tickets, please visit their website:

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