Greetings PR Mortals,

I thank you for joining me.

Current stats:


Followers: 31,800

Monthly tweet impressions:

January 2017: 944K
December 2016: 956K
November 2016: 859K
October 2016: 548K
September 2016: 695K
August 2016: 1.16M
July 2016: 1.05M
June 2016: 997K
May 2016: 1.33M
April 2016: 1.15M
March 2016: 1.14M
February 2016: 939K

Klout Profile: @Loki_Lego 

Number of Tumblr Followers: 10500

Number of Instagram Followers: 1710

Number of Facebook Likes: 780

Website hits: Average 500 per month.

If you wish to contact me please email LegoLoki (at)