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My Interview with Gizmodo Japan About High-Rise & Tom Hiddleston

My full interview can be read HERE, but the English versions of the questions I answered can be found below.

Q1. Is there any particular thing you are especially careful about in your creative activity?

When creating custom pieces, and recreating film images in Lego, I always try to stay as close to the original subject matter as possible. Lego does however have its limits, so if I cannot create an image accurately, I always try to stay close to the spirit of the material.

Q2. What did you care for when you made HIGH-RISE lego?

The first High-Rise piece I created was a small image based on the original teaser poster, on the day that Tom Hiddleston’s casting was announced. Over the course of the film’s production I continued to create images, until the official twitter for the film challenged me to re-create the whole High-Rise novel in Lego. The task was long and incredibly hard work, but eventually I published it online at

When I met Tom Hiddleston at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards in 2014 I showed him the first image from Brick High-Rise, which he said was hilarious, and he graciously signed it for me. After the positive response to Brick High-Rise I continued re-creating High-Rise film posters and images as they were released, refining the look of my Lego figures until they matched the film completely.


Seeing the film at the London Film Festival, five months before its official release date, only made me more enthusiastic to work on images and videos based on it, as I believe it to be the best film of the year.

Q3. How do you think about the main actor, Tom Hiddleston? What do you think he is attractive for?

Without Tom Hiddleston my work would not exist. I have had the great pleasure of meeting him, and he was incredibly encouraging, and told me to keep going.

I have seen Tom’s work in film, TV, and on the stage, and not only is he a magnificent actor, but he always makes interesting choices when it comes to the roles he plays. Every time he announces a new project I am always terribly excited to see what I will be creating next, whether it is Shakespeare, Ballard, or a King Kong movie!

Q4. Director Ben Wheatley seems to be very happy to get your Lego High-Rise. What kind of reactions did you get for this High-Rise Lego art?

Everyone involved in High-Rise, from the cast and crew, to the production and distribution companies have been absolutely wonderful, and they have my deep appreciation for making this last year one of the most memorable of my life. Their encouragement and kindness enabled me to carry on re-creating High-Rise images even when I was exhausted.

picturehouse-hr (7)

Q5. Would you let me know about yourself a bit? Is it possible to give us your brief profile?

Sadly I can reveal nothing about the mortals who assist me in the running of my account, as they prefer to remain anonymous, but I am Lego Loki of Asgard. I was created in 2012 as a parody account, to re-create the films of Tom Hiddleston in Lego, but since then I have grown to be much more. As well as creating images and making short films, I now have an army of people across the globe who send me pictures of their Lego Loki in different countries.

My hobbies include attacking the Avengers, attempting to kill Thor, and wearing horned helmets, and my one true wish is to rule all the nine realms.

Lego Loki

Lego Loki is an actor, film maker, and the author of Brick High-Rise. Follow him on twitter: @Loki_Lego

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