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Details of New Marvel One-Shot Revealed



According to Entertainment Weekly the new Marvel One-shot film is to focus on my good friend Trevor.

Obviously I am not distressed by the news that I do not get my own movie. I am not remotely upset. I may be crying right now, but they are tears of joy for my acquaintance, who I may have to kill soon.


All Hail the King features the biggest One-Shot star yet – Kingsley, whose character is one of the most controversial in the Marvel universe: a brokedown British actor who was only pretending to be The Mandarin, the murderous and ominous leader of The Ten Rings terrorist group.

The Mandarin is the classic Iron Man nemesis, and while some fans were amused by the curveball Iron Man 3 threw out there regarding his “true nature,” others were outraged and furious.

All Hail the King reveals — they are not alone.

I am NOT amused by this turn of events… Trevor, you may have been the toast of Croydon with your King Lear, but our friendship is OFFICIALLY OVER!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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