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Tickets for BRICK 2015 are Now on Sale!


Did you attend Brick 2014 at the Excel, London? If you not you missed a wonderful event that was fun for all ages, but fear not! Tickets are now on sale for Brick 2015!

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Why should you attend Brick 2015? Well, I suggest looking at their excellent website to see the myriad of delights that will be on offer this year, and if you still need convincing, then carry on reading to find out all about my magical adventures at last years event!


It was a delightful November day as I waited at the DLR station, with a vast array of Mortals, both old and young. The sun was shining as we stood on the platform waiting for our carriage which would shuttle us towards adventure!

Upon arriving at the Excel I was impressed by the venue. It was easily accessible from the DLR, with a stop right outside the centre, and I held my breath with excitement as I made my way inside.


The Excel is a huge, cavernous venue, and every inch of it was filled with things to see and do.


After a brief pause to take in the scale of the event, I made my way to the Lego museum, and witnessed the first ever Lego blocks, which were made of WOOD!



There are many play areas at the Lego show, with several large brick filled pits dotted around the arena, where you can build your hearts content, and a baseboard wall where you can create your own Lego graffiti.



I paused for a while to watch the mortals attempt to break a world record… personally I would prefer to break the world, but it was entertaining nevertheless.



At the centre of the hall was a large LEGO Games area, where you could play the many different LEGO games on the market, and there was also a stand where you could purchase any game that pleased you. It was MAGNIFICENT, although I believe my brother, Thor featured a little too prominently…


The main attraction of the Lego show for me was the huge number of lovingly crafted Lego models on display.

The creativity and the sheer hard work that has gone into creating these incredibly detailed and absolutely enormous models is truly jaw dropping. Even the hardest of hearts could not failed to be moved by these sculptures. Many of them can only be described as works of art, and I still continue to be inspired by the memory of them to this day.

At one of the displays I was invited to actually STAND in one of the sculptures!

DSC_0325 DSC_0326

Can you spot me?

The same builder had used several of my clones already in his displays.

And then came the highlight of my day, when I discovered that my film Thor: The Dark World had been recreated in LEGO!


One the prominent features of the exhibition hall was the main stage and its many rows of seats, where throughout the day guests would appear and talk about many wonderful and interesting Lego topics.

I was very excited that Arthur Parsons of TT Games was appearing to discuss LEGO Batman, and I am happy to report that despite my small stature I had the most wonderful view, and the large video screen meant I could see all the action up close, despite being seated quite far back.

After Arthur had demonstrated the game he did a signing session at the Games booth and I was lucky enough to meet him!

DSC_0381 DSC_0386


A day at the Lego show is just that. Some may think that you would tire of Lego in the early afternoon, or that you would have seen everything that you could possibly see, but that is far from the truth. There is so much to see and do at the show that you will never be bored from the moment you arrive, until the moment the doors close!

Thankfully the facilities at the Excel are excellent, and should you need a break there is a very large cafe which serves reasonably priced drinks and wide selection of food.

Outside the cafe is a long walkway, which offers stunning views out across the river, which is an ideal place to rest your weary feet for a while before heading back into the action.




One of the highlights of last years show was the much talked about Brick City display, with its stunning recreations of landmarks from around the world, including the now famous model of St Pancras station.


And all too soon it came time for the doors to close, and my day at Brick 2014 was over. As I left, laden down with many wonderful purchases, I started to plan for my return in 2015!


Brick 2015 will be a day of fun for all the family, regardless of age, so do not hesitate! Buy your ticket now!

To visit the Brick 2015 website & to purchase tickets please click here. 


Lego Loki

Lego Loki is an actor, film maker, and the author of Brick High-Rise. Follow him on twitter: @Loki_Lego

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  1. We were so glad that you found BRICK 2014 worthy of your esteem and we thank you kindly for your high praise. We look forward to being able to host your magnificence again, at BRICK 2015. 🙂

    1. Lego Loki

      It shall be the number one Lego event of the year! I look forward to it!

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