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Lego Loki Reviews: The Thor vs Hulk Arena Clash LEGO Set

Tonight I shall be building the Thor Vs Hulk Arena Clash LEGO set!

The box is bright and colourful, presenting a magnificent image of Thor and the Hulk in battle in the gladiator arena.

This set contains three bags of LEGO, stickers, a rather sizeable instruction booklet, and a short comic book!

Organisation is the key to all successful LEGO builds.

Hulk before he is built… You know, I rather like him like this. I may leave him.

Oh no! I must flee!

This is the new Thor: Ragnarok Hulk LEGO figure.

He comes complete with moulded armour, and a non removable helmet, and while he is only a retool of the Avengers: Age of Ultron set Hulk, I do believe he is one of the most magnificent looking big figures LEGO has ever produced.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk was a huge improvement over the oddly bright green Avengers Hulk, but this Ragnarok Hulk takes the accuracy of the figure compared to its film counterpart to another level. It truly would be worth buying this set simply for this incredible creature… but the surprises do not end there!

What’s this? A door? I wonder what will come next…

Sliding doors!

And now we come to the most important part of this set: the new Lego Loki!

The new LEGO Loki comes with a double sided face, one grinning, and one appears to be quite worried, and has sweat dripping down his brow.

I will preface this by saying that I am obviously biased, as I feel that I am the most beautiful representation of Loki in LEGO form…

While the torso print of this new Loki is quite wonderful, I am disappointed by his cape. The old capes were far superior to these new soft material capes, as the new ones have a tendency to ruck up around the neck in a way that the old ones don’t. I had hoped that these soft capes would be a one off, but sadly I was wrong.

And now we move onto the stupid oaf, Thor….

Thor at long last wears his helmet! The helmet is close enough to the design from the Thor: Ragnarok trailer to be satisfying, and Thor’s face remains recognisable from his previous LEGO incarnations.

Thor also has a holder for his two swords.

Ragnarok Thor also features a double sided face, with eyes bright with lightning.

Overall I believe this new Thor to be quite magnificent, especially as he is the first Thor to feature his Helmet.

Phase 2 of the set is complete, and so far I love the bright, eye catching colours.

The Grandmaster figure is in fact a lot more detailed than I believed from early images. His jacket is an almost perfect representation of the film, and he even features the distinctive blue make up on his face that appears in the film. I do feel he would benefit from different hair, but overall I think he is an excellent minifigure.

The Grandmaster is also features a double sided head print.

The set also comes with a Sakaarian Guard minifigure.

Moving onto phase two of the set…. and it is almost complete!

But wait…. The set also comes with a short LEGO comic book! How magnificent!

What is this? No, Thor, No! Whhhyyyyyyyyyyyy?

And finally the set is complete!

I would like to touch briefly on some of my favourite parts of this set, apart from the figures.

The sliding doors, which feel slightly flimsy whilst being built, are actually quite solid and move easily upon completion. They are something that I haven’t seen in any other LEGO set, and I found them to be a tremendously designed piece.

The bright, garish colours mirror the colours in the films trailer, and add to the Kirby like comic book atmosphere.

The design of the floodlights above the arena are quite ingenious.

And I loved the use of the wine goblets as part of the decoration on the Grandmaster’s chair. An interesting use for a well known LEGO part.

Oh yes, I love this set!

Get him, Hulk! GET HIM!

I had read many people saying, upon the initial release of the box designs for this set, that they were worried that it would be a simple build, and more suitable for the LEGO Juniors range, but I disagree.

There are many unique little design touches in this set that elevate it to probably my second favourite LEGO Marvel set after the incredible Avengers Tower. I have only limited space to display my LEGO sets, but this one will be taking pride of place on my shelf!

Whatever disappointment I felt over the design of the Loki minifigure is completely negated by my love of the Hulk figure, the new Thor, and the details of the Grandmaster figure.

Overall I loved this set and heartily recommend buying it!

Lego Loki

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