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How to spot a genuine LEGO Loki

Greetings mortals.

I have noticed recently that there has been an upsurge in photos sent to me that are not of the genuine LEGO brand Lego Loki. Now while some people may be happy to own Loki who is not LEGO, I know there may be many who have bought this figure in good faith.

Many of the LEGO boxed sets I was originally contained in are now discontinued and rapidly selling out, but with the recent release of LEGO set 10721 Iron Man Vs Loki, I am once again freely available, however, many mortals still turn to the secondary market of eBay and Amazon to find me. As these sites are now flooded with copies, and they are frequently in the Lego category with no distinction, I thought it would be prudent to write this article on how to tell the difference.

Is my Lego Loki Genuine?

Genuine LEGO figures have the LEGO mark on them. I have several marks upon my body which indicate that I am the king of minifigures:

SAM_7460 SAM_7464 SAM_7481SAM_7466SAM_7474


How do I spot a copy before I buy?

One of the best resources I have found on the net, with detailed image comparisons of genuine LEGO and the copies, are the photos in this facebook album. It shows many different figures and the accessories that come with them in detail. The following two photos are from that album:


Thankfully, as you can see, the differences between the DeCool and LEGO Loki minifigure are plainly obvious, which makes it easier to spot the copy when shopping in the secondary market.

The helmet of the DeCool figure is a different colour, the horns lack the same shape and, most importantly, the DeCool figure lacks the handsome face of the genuine LEGO. His mouth is lower, his eyebrows less defined, and he simply is not beautiful enough.

773735_681716378528068_1151631278_oThe sceptre is also another good guide. As you can see, once again, the colour is slightly off and the grooves on the staff are not as deep.

$_12 (2)

This is a different make of copy, I believe by Sheng Yuan. His chin is much bigger, and his helmet and and sceptre are a darker colour. He also is not as beautiful as the genuine LEGO Loki.

How to find a genuine LEGO figure:

1) Instead of searching for “Lego Loki” search for “Lego Loki -compatible -custom -decool” as this will remove most other brands from your search.

2) Unsure if a figure is genuine? Send the seller a message and ask if it is genuine LEGO before you buy. If they reply that is and you later find out that it is not, you have grounds to claim your money back.

The surest way to find a genuine LEGO Loki is, of course, to buy one in a boxed set from a retailer. LEGO set 10721 Iron Man Vs Loki is relatively cheap, and the best way to assure that you have the genuine figure.

I wish you luck in your quest to find a genuine LEGO Loki, mortals.

Lego Loki

Lego Loki is an actor, film maker, and the author of Brick High-Rise. Follow him on twitter: @Loki_Lego

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