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How to Create Your Own Custom High-Rise Lego Set


You may have seen the High-Rise Lego sets that I created on twitter this week…

Many have asked me how I created this set, so I have provided a step by step guide to creating your own custom set of High-Rise Lego!

We shall begin with the three easy figures first…

The High-Rise

The High-Rise itself takes exactly 24 bricks. I selected the 2 x 4 Brick, Lego Element ID 3001, in Dark Tan to match the colour of the



The completed High-risehow-to-hr-lego-11



The final six buildings!how-to-hr-lego-15


Anthony Royal consists of the following parts:

Hair – Element ID: 6075237. LEGO Design ID: 62810. Name: Medium Stone Grey Wig Boy

Head – Gandalf the Grey head from various Lord of the Rings sets

Body – Lego Zookeeper from the Series Five minifigure set

Dog – Dalmatian with spots removed. Design ID: 13257. Item No: 92586pb03

Cane –  Design ID 30374. Element ID: 4211628. Light Sword Blade in Medium Stone Grey


You may be wondering how you remove the spots from the Dalmatian without ruining the plastic. With a cloth rub a tiny amount of Brasso metal polish over the paint you want to remove, and it will slowly wear off. Please be careful around the eyes and nose, so you don’t damage that paint.


 The final six Royals




The parts for Wilder are as follows:

Hair – Element Number: 6055640 Element Name: Black Anakin Wig Design: 61183

Head – Bard the Bowman minifigure head from Hobbit set 79017

Body – Blue Plaid Shirt Design ID: 76382 Item No: 4275821

Legs – Custom Jeans from Firestar Toys

Vintage Video camera – Design ID: 30148


I need this guys head…. He looks a little upset!how-to-hr-lego-19






And now we move onto the complicated figures, that require customisation…

Charlotte Melville

The parts for Charlotte are as follows:

Hair – Hair Female Mid-Length Wavy with Centre Part in Medium Flesh / Nougat. Design ID: 90396

Head – Lois Lane head. Minifigure number: sh075

Body – Plain minifigure torso in Bright Yellow

Skirt – Upper skirt: Element ID: 303924. Roof Tile 2X2/45° in Bright Yellow. Lower skirt: Element number: 300324 Brick 2X2 in Bright Yellow

Bottle – From Series 9 ‘Waiter’ minifigure set



how-to-hr-lego-601 how-to-hr-lego-602

Dr Robert Laing

The parts for Laing are as follows:

Hair – Part 98385 in Light Tan. Found on the Tennis Ace figure from the series 7 minifigures

Head –  Lego Loki head, available in many sets.

Body – Hans Moleman body from The Simpsons Series 2 minifigures.

Legs – Dark Stone Grey Element ID: 4222693

Paint Can – Round Brick 1X1 in Metallic Silver ID: 4183880.



Decals and Customisation

The most and affordable and professional looking method for creating custom Lego is the use of waterslide decal paper. It may seem like a complicated procedure, but with practise it is actually quite simple. Decal paper can be purchased at many online craft stores, and you will need one sheet each of white paper and clear paper.

I learned how to create decals from this excellent video tutorial:


Charlotte Melville Decalscharlotte-black-arm-stripes

Cut this one to the required thickness to create black stripes for her arms.charlotte-skirt

Skirt: Print at 1.5cm wide on clear decal papercharlotte-torso

Torso: Print at 1.5cm wide on clear decal paper

Dr Robert Laing Decalslaing-paint-torso-light

Torso: Print at 1.5cm wide on clear decal paperpaint-laing-head

Head: Print at 0.6cm high on clear decal paper

Paint Can: Print at 0.8cm high on white decal paper

The Box

In order to create a professional looking set, I decided to create a custom box for the sets.

The box label – Click on the image to view at full size


The final completed sets

I finished the sets with vintage base Part number 700e, and simple printed “Welcome to the High-Rise” decal on clear how-to-hr-lego-60 how-to-hr-lego-599 how-to-hr-lego-600

Lego Loki

Lego Loki is an actor, film maker, and the author of Brick High-Rise. Follow him on twitter: @Loki_Lego

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