You are currently viewing A Magical Place: Brick 2014 LEGO Show.

A Magical Place: Brick 2014 LEGO Show.

Can you imagine a huge exhibition space filled with a most beautiful LEGO creations you have ever seen? Can you imagine a place where the LEGO bricks flow as freely as the Mead in the taverns of Asgard?

What is this place? I hear your tiny mortal voices ask. Is it Valhalla? Is it Fólkvangr? Is it the Midgardian heaven? Tahiti?

No, this magical place is the Brick 2014 LEGO Show and all, even those who did not die heroically in battle, are invited.

Brick 2014: A Magical Place

Held in the glorious halls of the London ExCel convention centre, this magnificent show will run from Thursday the 27th of November to Sunday the 30th of November, and will be fun for all ages, from younglings to… well, Odin.

What can you expect to see at Brick 2014? Here are a few highlights:

The Fan Zone


The fan zone will feature the very best of fan created LEGO models, from LEGO Star Wars, to LEGO cities, and there is bound to be a model that you will love. I just hope no one built a LEGO Jotunheim.

In the Fan Zone you will find the famous Brick City, by professional LEGO artist Warren Elsmore, which recently displayed in the Paisley Museum and Art Gallery and received record attendances.

Brick City comprises 72 detailed LEGO models of famous buildings including:

St. Pancras station

Brick City St. Pancras Station

The Olympic Park

Brick City Olympic Park

Get Creative!


There will be many opportunities for you to get hands on with with some of the millions of LEGO bricks that will be at the Brick LEGO Show. There will be areas of the show devoted to free building, and a giant baseplate graffiti wall where you can make your mark.

Will a mortal create my image in LEGO? Only time will tell…

The LEGO Museum


Much like the weapons vault in Asgard, the LEGO museum will be filled with interesting and unusual objects, but I very much doubt that any of them will turn you blue if you touch them.

LEGO has now been on sale for 60 years, and the LEGO museum will feature iconic sets of the past, and even wooden LEGO bricks.

This is only a very small selection of the events and displays that are happening over the four days of the Brick LEGO show, but I think it sounds like more fun than attempting to take over Asgard!

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