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How should I send my photos?

1) The only way to send your photos is via twitter to @Loki_Lego. I rarely miss photos that are sent to me via twitter as they easily visible on both tweetdeck and the mobile device I pilfered from Stark. If I haven’t favourited your picture within 24 hours, please feel free to point me towards it, but only if it follows all the rules below….

2) I can only see photos that are @ replied to me. Tagged photos or hashtagged pictures will not be seen.

3) If your account is locked your photo may be delayed as it can only be tweeted when I have time to download the photo and add it to tweetdeck manually and I am a busy god.

How does the queue work?

1) All photos that I see will enter a queue system. At any time my queue may be 1 to 6 days long. Do not panic if your photo is not retweeted immediately. I receive too many photos to tweet them when they are received and I am frequently away from the internet as I am attacking Thor.

2) When I see your photo, and if it meets the below criteria, it will be favourited. This is so I can find it later and add it the queue. When your image is added to the queue I will unfavourite it, so that I know it has been used, to save from confusion later.

3) If I favourite your photo DO NOT DELETE IT. If I have queued a photo that is later deleted I will not know, and it will be tweeted with an unavailable picture, which will make me as sad as falling from the Bifrost šŸ™

4) If you tweet me several photos they will spread over several days. I do not retweet more than one photo per person per day, unless under special circumstances.

5) Special event photos MAY break every above rule at my discretion. For example, time sensitive photos may jump to the head of the queue or receive more than one tweet per person per day e.g. Comic con, Christmas day, Valentines day, other special days, film & DVD release days, newsworthy events and film premieres etc

6) All text included with pictures is subject to change when retweeted. I will endeavour to keep as much of it as intact as possible when I retweet it, but sometimes it is simply too long. Please remember your twitter user name contributes to the length of your tweet when I retweet it.

Any photography tips for me?

Twitter photos display best when they are at a ratio of 2:1 i.e Your photo should be twice as wide as it is high (eg 2000 pixels wide, and 1000 pixels high), to make is display perfectly on twitter with no edges cut off.

I understand that cameras rarely allow you to constrain the aspect ration of the images taken, so the following tips will maximise the display of your photo when it is tweeted:

1)Ā  If possible, please take your photos horizontally (and by that I do not mean laying down)

For example:

This photo is wider than it is high, and should display well in twitter.



However with this photo below, only the middle section will be shown and I will not be visible


2) Try to position me in the centre of the image.

3) Avoid having fingers in the photo if you are shooting images at outdoors locations. The most simple way to achieve thisĀ  is to move the sceptre further down my hand, so that the bottom of the sceptre is below the level of my feet. This then gives you a convenient holding point, and you can also hold me at arms length, so I will be more in focus in your photo, without your fingers being visible.

4) No sceptre? Try placing the end of a small paintbrush in the bottom of my foot. This will give you a very secure place to hold me, and makes photography much easier.

Why didn’t my photo get tweeted?

1) If your photo does not include a Lego Loki it will not be tweeted. I do not tweet images of the many other brands of Loki action figures available.

2) I can only tweet photos that are sent to me by the original photographer. Do not tweet me photos you have found on Google or Tumblr, as it is not fair to the person who took the time to create the image. If I recognise an image as being from another source, I will not tweet it. If you did not take the picture, do not tweet it to me. I know how much time it takes to create an image, so this is the one rule I will enforce 100%.

3) I receive many photos every single day. Sadly not every photo can be tweeted, but the more imagination or humour your photo shows the more likely it is to be added to my queue. Photos that are low quality may only be added to the queue if they feature very unique or humorous content that overcomes the limitations of the quality.

4) I do not post photos with children in them and rarely post photos with mortal adults featured.



Where can I find a genuine Lego Loki?

My clones areĀ available in the following official AvengersĀ LEGO sets:

  • 6867 – Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape
  • 6868 – Hulk’s Hellicarrier Breakout
  • 6869 – Quinjet Aeriel Battle
  • 10721 – Iron Man vs. Loki

Sadly these sets are now discontinued and are becoming very hard to find.

You may also find my key ring version at lego shops near you.

Clones are available atĀ the Bay of E and in the Amazon, which I believe is a jungle. However, I advise GREAT caution when purchasing a Lego Loki on the secondary market, as many fakes are also available.

For guidance on how to spot a genuine LEGO Loki please refer to this article.

Will you ask Tom to follow me or pass my message on to him?

1)Ā I have no personal contact with Thomas.

2) I do not DM Thomas. Do not ask me to DM him your project or your questions, as my polite refusal may offend. My impolite refusal may offend more.

Can I post your photos on Tumblr?

Ā Please do not repost images from my twitter to Tumblr or Tumblr, especially without credit. I have my own Tumblr account and they will be posted there as soon as I have access.
I thank all mortals for their fealty. I look forward to ruling over you as your new king.


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