Vote Lego Loki at the 2015 Shorty Awards!




It is once again time for the Shorty Awards!

Mortals, if you have enjoyed my tweets, images, and videos this year, then please take the time to cast a vote for me in the non-human category.

You can vote using my nomination page here:

Or if you wish to vote, but do not want to allow the Shorty Awards app access to your account then simply tweet:

I nominate @Loki_Lego for a Shorty Award in #nonhuman because…

And then add a reason. You must add a reason or your vote will not be counted.

You can only vote once, but if you have already voted you can share your support using this page.

Thank you, mortals.

Kind regards

Your future king,


Lego Loki

Lego Loki is an actor, film maker, and the author of Brick High-Rise. Follow him on twitter: @Loki_Lego

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