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BAFTA In Conversation in New York

I spent the evening with BAFTA New York for a candid interview moderated by Joe Neumaier to discuss my career and latest projects. “In Conversation,” a series of live interviews with notable British and Asgardian actors, directors, screenwriters and producers explores their career achievements and provides an inside look at what it takes to become and remain a top-notch artist. bafta-ny-1 bafta-ny-2 bafta-ny-5 bafta-ny-7I was the featured guest of this “In Conversation” series. I eloquently discussed my ever-increasing presence in film, television and theater in upcoming works like High-Rise and The Night Manager as well as earlier roles in Othello and Wallander. Moderated live and in an intimate setting by NY Daily News film critic Joe Neumaier, this event provided guests with an exclusive, anecdotal look into my impressive journey.

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Lego Loki

Lego Loki is an actor, film maker, and the author of Brick High-Rise. Follow him on twitter: @Loki_Lego

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