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Lego Loki High-Rise Tour: Day Three – High-Rise at the Barbican

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The Barbican is beautiful

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Laing loves this buildinghr-barbican-(27) hr-barbican-(28) hr-barbican-(30) hr-barbican-(31) hr-barbican-(32) hr-barbican-(33) hr-barbican-(34) hr-barbican-(36) hr-barbican-(37) hr-barbican-(38)

Welcome to the High-Risehr-barbican-(39) hr-barbican-(40)

Yes, my seat is befitting my status as a king…

hr-barbican-(43)The cast arrive!hr-barbican-(44) hr-barbican-(45) hr-barbican-(46) hr-barbican-(47) hr-barbican-(48) hr-barbican-(49) hr-barbican-(50)

The lovely James Purefoy, Enzo Cilenti, Sienna Guillory, and Mr Ben Wheatleyhr-barbican-(51) hr-barbican-(52) hr-barbican-(53)

Mr Wheatley talks about High-Risehr-barbican-(54) hr-barbican-(55) hr-barbican-(56)

And after Mr Wheatley finishes, I conduct a Brick High-Rise Q&A session


Amazing items in the foyer! hr-barbican-(58) hr-barbican-(59) hr-barbican-(60)


Time to leave the High-Rise!



Lego Loki

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