High-Rise in Newcastle and an Evening With Clint Mansell


One of the wonderful things about my travels to see the film High-Rise is that it has given me the magnificent opportunity to visit many of the wonderful independent cinemas of Midgard. On Asgard our choice is limited, and large soulless chain cinemas fill their screens with the latest blockbusters, selling over priced popped corn and questionable meat products.

On my travels I have had the pleasure of visiting the home of film premières: the Leicester Square Odeon, enjoyed the huge screen (and the cakes) at the wonderful Central Picturehouse, had my first taste of visiting the BFI, witnessed the majesty of the Barbican, and saw the beauty of the Phoenix Cinema.

I was familiar with the Tyneside cinema, but had never had reason to visit before, so my heart sang with joy when I saw the beautiful 1930’s interior, and deep red curtains. This was likely to be my final visit to the High-Rise in a cinema, and I was delighted to end my journey in such a beautiful venue.


This was my eighth visit to see High-Rise, and even after so many viewings I was still excited as the opening titles appeared upon the screen.

I paid special attention to the music this time, knowing that just a few short hours later I would be seeing it performed live at the beautiful Gateshead Sage.

I have long been a fan of Clint Mansell’s film scores, ever since I saw Requiem For A Dream in my chambers on Asgard, but I had never seen him live until this night!evening-clint-mansell-(11)evening-clint-mansell-(21)Mr Mansell and his band performed tracks from many of his film scores, and I am unashamed to admit that I cried like a baby abandoned in a temple on Jotunheim when he performed his wonderful score from Moon.


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